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Wage Garnishment Release
Has the IRS sent you a Notice of Intent to Levy or Garnish Wages? Have they already garnished your paycheck? Can you afford to lose 25% or MORE of your income? The IRS is the largest and most powerful collection agency in the world! When the phone calls and letters from the IRS are ignored, they can escalate collection tactics and issue a ‘levy’. Wage Garnishment is the most common type of levy. It is the process of deducting money from an individual’s paycheck, or intercepting streams of income from self employed individuals or business owners. The IRS can even garnish Social Security Income and Disability Income!

The garnishment will not stop until the entire amount is paid or other arrangements are made. If you have received a threatening letter to levy or garnish wages, or already have an existing wage garnishment call us immediately for help: 888-829-1067.

In most cases we can release the levy before your next paycheck. As a tax payer you have rights, and at Hurricane Tax we aggressively focus on releasing garnishments ASAP!

Bank Levy Release
A bank levy is scary and can be shocking. It can come with or without you actually physically receiving the notice for a variety of reasons. It never comes at an opportune time. Imagine you are out to dinner with your family or friends or for a business meeting. The check comes. You put down your debit card to pay. Payment is declined. You call your bank to find out why and they explain the IRS levied your bank account and ALL of your funds are frozen?

A bank levy permits the legal seizure of your property to satisfy a tax lien or balance. The IRS can freeze then take money from your checking, savings, and other financial accounts.

Good News! Most of the time we can get a bank levy released fast. Depending whether it is the IRS or State we’ll have up to 21 days to release a bank levy before the actual frozen funds are sent to the taxing agency.

ACT FAST!!! Call us immediately so we can take ACTION!!! With a bank levy timing is crucial: 888-829-1067.

Offer in Compromise
The Offer in Compromise Program is an IRS Program which allows qualified individuals with unpaid taxes to negotiate a settled amount that is less than the total amount owed to clear their back taxes owed. Qualifying for an Offer in Compromise, or OIC, can save you thousands or more in taxes, penalties, and interest.

Most Offers in Compromise are rejected because individual taxpayers, attempting to submit the paperwork and negotiate on their own, incorrectly complete the forms or are not aware of the IRS guidelines and standard allowable expenses crucial to complete a successful Offer.

A successful OIC must be complete in nature. It must be on the correct IRS forms with persuasive arguments and the regulatory standards to be appealed if necessary. Most people do not know there are actually THREE different types of Offers in Compromise.

Doubt as to Liability: Doubt exists that the liability is correct, or exists at all.

Doubt as to Collectibility: Doubt as to the tax payers ability to pay or the liability exceeds the assets and income capabilities to satisfy the back taxes in full.

ETA, or Effective Tax Administration: Sometimes an Offer may be accepted by the IRS even when there is no doubt the tax liability is legally owed and correct, AND the full amount can be collected, as in, the tax payer has the ability to pay the back taxes owed in full. An Offer will be accepted if effectively argued it would either create an economic hardship or would be an unfair and inequitable because of exceptional and/or extenuating circumstances, such as severe medical hardships, for example.

Currently Not Collectible (CNC)
Although the Offer in Compromise is perceived as the best possible outcome, sometimes it’s more advantageous to be on a ‘CNC’ or Currently Not Collectible status. As with all successful tax resolution there is strategy involved in obtaining the best possible outcome for YOUR specific and unique tax situation. The CNC is a hardship program offered by the IRS effectively removing balances from active collections. The CNC program needs to be implemented at the right time for the right taxpayer. Although it does not settle your back taxes, when properly used, at times can have the same, or better, ‘real life’ effect. Call Now to find out more: 888-829-1067.

Tax Preparation and Filing Delinquent Tax Returns
It is illegal not to file your tax returns! Failure to file your returns is can be construed as a misdemeanor, potentially a felony, punishable by one year in jail and a $10,000 fine. In reality the IRS does not usually incarcerate taxpayers for not filing returns, but they do reserve the right to punish you. Mostly the punishment is with high non-filing fees and penalties.

Our Tax Preparation department will not only file your tax returns but they will make sure they fix any incorrect past returns. By not filing you potentially can lose tax refunds and money in your pocket.

Although it may take some time, eventually the IRS will eventually discover the missing returns, assess your taxes, and start to aggressively collect. When you don’t file, the IRS will file for you. When they file a return for you it’s called an ‘SFR’ or Substitute for Return. When they file for you it is in their best interest and you almost always pay more. We are experts at identifying SFR’s, replacing the IRS filed return with an original return, and most importantly ensuring the original filed return is ACCEPTED by the IRS! Also, before you can negotiate or settle any back tax through a hardship program, you must be in compliance by having all of your tax years filed.

Installment Agreements and Payment Plans
If you cannot pay your back taxes in full, the IRS may allow you to pay it off over time by making monthly payments. Taxpayers often try to negotiate Installment Agreements with the IRS on their own. This can be a mistake. The IRS wants to collect their money as soon as possible while the taxpayer wants the lowest possible monthly payment. Since the IRS can be difficult to deal with, often taxpayers ultimately agree to a Payment Plan that is higher than what they can reasonably afford, causing a financial hardship. It is always better to allow a tax professional to protect your rights and negotiate a ‘properly’ structured Installment Agreement. Also, most taxpayers do not know there are many different types of Installment Agreements such as a Streamlined Installment Agreement, Fresh Start Streamlined Installment Agreement, Partial Pay Installment Agreement, and a Tiered Installment Agreement, just to name a few. Please call now for more details: 888-829-1067.

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